How to Install Droidian on Xiaomi Mi MIX 3

How to Install Droidian on Xiaomi Mi MIX 3


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  • A computer with fastboot and adb access to the phone
  • A USB 2.0 port/hub with actual USB 2.0 controller (fastboot on USB 3.0 can be problematic with Xiaomi devices)
  • Unlocked bootloader
  • Backup all your data, as your phone will be WIPED


0. Download files

1. Install TWRP

  • Boot to fastboot mode by pressing the Vol- and Power buttons until the phone vibrates
  • Check that the phone is recognized by running fastboot devices
  • Install TWRP by running fastboot flash recovery twrp-*-perseus.img

2. Install Droidian in TWRP


  • Boot into TWRP by pressing Vol+ and Power buttons until the phone vibrates
  • Go to Wipe and Format data (type yes)
  • IMPORTANT: Reboot into TWRP again


  • Connect the phone via USB
  • The internal storage is now available over MTP from the PC
  • Copy the downloaded files to the internal storage of the phone


  • Install zip file:
  • Install zip file:
  • Install zip file:
  • Go back to main menu and reboot to System (TWRP might complain that there is no OS installed, but that's fine)
  • The first boot may take longer, and at least one spontaneous reboot is expected during the process
  • If all goes well, your phone will boot to the Droidian lock screen, the unlock code is 1234
  • Installation is complete


SIM slot

Dual-SIM mode is not supported as of now. Only the SIM1 slot is active.

Mobile data

Basic cellular features (phone calls, SMS) and mobile data are working. In order to get mobile data, set your Access Point Name (APN) in Settings.

Additional tweaks

For other tweaks, open the Console terminal app, and run The following options are available:

  • Switching between dark mode and light mode (Adwaita theme)
  • Automated installation of Waydroid (GAPPS included)


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For further assistance, visit the MIX 3 Community and Droidian Telegram groups.

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